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Bob Langan (PhD Geological Sciences, MS Civil Engineering and MS Geological Sciences, BS Electrical Engineering, all Northwestern University) has over thirty-eight years of experience in earth science research and consulting services. He joined MEQGeo in October 2013, three months after his retirement from Chevron. He met Julie in 1990 at a Pacific Coast SEG Meeting and sought advice from her on microseismic methods for the next two decades.


In graduate school, he consulted with Soil Testing Services (later called STS Geotechnical Services), conducting geotechnical site investigations. For his MS in Civil Engineering, he worked with Professor Chuck Dowding on the response of residential structures to blasting vibrations, work that helped establish new standards for damage-prevention, and more recently, has become relevant to induced seismicity topics.


Bob began his industry career in 1981 at Gulf Research, where he was part of the team credited with inventing reflection tomography. In 1985 Bob joined Chevron as part of the Gulf merger, and at which time he began working on Crosswell Seismic Profiles (XSP) and Vertical Seismic Profiles (VSP). From 1993 to 1995, he was a Visiting Scholar and Consulting Associate Professor at Stanford University, where he collaborated with Professor Jerry Harris to further the development of crosswell imaging technology. Between 1991 and 2005, he planned and executed field trials involving more than 70 crosswell profiles and co-managed the industry-first 4D VSP in the Lost Hills Oil Field. After spending three years on a deepwater exploration team ('99-'02), he returned to research and initiated new programs in both microseismic monitoring and shale gas geophysics. Using his extensive experience, he provided corporate advice on seismicity near salt domes and induced seismicity risks from disposal of waste water. Most recently, he has been involved in VSPs in mining applications.

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